To everyone who loves Mario “THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE” Review



I watched The first movie of Super Mario Series “THE SUPER MARIO BROS.MOVIE”!!

Let me review that MOVIE in the content.

I mentioned this contents both English and Japanese , please refer to the below in Japanese .

This media is full of spoilers so you shouldn’t use it until you have seen the movie!



THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE was produced by ilumination and Nintendo, based on Nintendos Mario Video games.

This is first time film of SUPER MARIO’s IP .

Before it start in Japan , This oversea sale is more than 1 billion US dollar ( 141 Billion Yen ) .

Then ,The film have finally started in Japan

Of,course the film is sharply made big sale at the box office in Japan.

In my turn , I am not so interested the film before I see .

My daughter wanted me to go to see the movie , I went to see with my daughter.

in conclusion,

I think I was excited more than my daughter,

This film is that Adults loved it .

Story Contents Review

The Story is that A careless brothers “Mario & Luigi” worked as plumbing worker go to parallel universe.

That’s development of the story is like the American comic .

It is very interesting that Mario is grown gradually at baptism of fire and there is many contents of NINTEND MARIO SERIES (Super Mario, Mario Car, 3D Mario , Smash Brothers, Luigi Mansion etc.)

Character Review

Each Character is good personal in the field .

Let me mention My favorite Characters .

DK! Donkey Kong


My most favorite is DK!!

when I was Kid , I listened many time in NINTENDO GANE “DK!!” “Donkey Kong!!”

So, I listened this BDM in the film , I was excited at the peak.

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kon also is appered in the film , Im happy as one of Donkey Kong series fan !

I wish “Donnie Kong Movie” next time, I love Donkey Kong series !!

Princess Toadstool


Princess Toadstool was strong woman!

My image of Princess Toadstool, she is arrested by Bowser every time .

But at this film,

Princess Toadstool is strong character being stand up bravely .

It is NEW ERA women style !



Boss Browser is very very funny !

At first I worryed my daughter is scaly of Browser , But its very Funny guy!! good comedian !

I saw the film Japanese Translation ver,

Voice Cast Mr. Kenta Miyake is quite good act .


I didn’t know Lumalee .

Lumalee is hysterical but good character in the film .

I like him .

Sound Review

Sound is good point for this film.

We can listen nostalgic Music as BGM sound , every Mario Fun is excited !

Next time I want to see the film of IMAX theater, special sound condition.

If YouTuber Hikakin HUMAN beat box version , must be fully seated ,if any price .


I wented to go the film accompanying my daughter,

But I loved it because I am the Mario Generations .

If you like NINTENDO games, I recommend to watch THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE.

At the End

There are many hidden element for NINTENDO contents, you can see.

If you catch to complete every thing , you need to watch many time.

I also watch the film ,again ,again ,again.

Mamma Mia –!!